Escaler Global offers clients cutting-edge investment banking and advisory solutions by utilizing our broad range of services. Our strategy is centered on comprehending the demands of our clients and offering custom solutions to satisfy their investment banking requirements.





Debt Advisory

Senior Debt, Structured Finance, Sale and Leaseback, Mezzanine Debt, and Securitization are all parts of our product suite. Depending on the situation and suitability, transactions may involve a mix of local and international currencies.

The Escalar Global team employs the greatest products and strategies while assessing, structuring, planning, and carrying out the best potential outcome. Our tools include budgeting for capital expenditures, acquisition finance plans, LBOs, balance sheet restructuring, and negotiation.

Our highly skilled team works with clients to design and carry out the best financial structure from a position of independence. We take advantage of our solid connections and market expertise to find the institutions that are both regionally and globally best suited for our clients. We can use a competitive procedure to find a financing option that reduces costs and offers the best terms and conditions while optimizing the level of debt. We passionately and creatively support our clients throughout discussions at every level of the transaction.

Merger & Acquisition

In the M&A advisory sector, we provide a wide range of services. We look for possibilities, locate potential targets, and get in touch with them. We also offer assistance with the bidding process, appraisal, structuring, and negotiation, as well as advisory and financial services for acquisitions.

In terms of acquisition and divestiture transactions, we have experience assisting both the buy-side and the sell-side. Finding chances that aren't being extensively marketed is our distinctive strategy. Our client gains from this in non-competitive circumstances. We have found that the secret identification and pre-qualification of targets are essential to our prior accomplishments.

We carefully identify transactions that we believe will produce good value for our clients and offer long-term returns. We look for synergies, strategic partnerships, and value enhancement for all parties.

Our strength lies in the ability to guide a transaction through all of the stages, including optimal structuring, ideal valuation through financial modeling based on industry and market, participation in negotiations of key terms and covenants, active engagement with legal counsel during the documentation phase, regulatory approvals, closing, and even post-closing media engagement.

If our condition is met, we also act as a minor primary investor, which adds to the comfort for the buy side.

Capital Markets & Equity

For IPOs, rights share issuance, etc., we actively provide advisory services. We have made a name for ourselves as one of Asia’s top advisory firms for raising Tier 1 and Tier 2 capital for banks. When our clients choose to participate in regional capital markets, we provide them with valuation and industry perspective advice.

Our advisory services are very helpful to clients who need equity financing against new or existing shareholdings in a listed equity holding since we can develop, organize, and manage customized solutions. Many of our former and present clients have benefited from our unbiased, independent counsel on important capital market-related matters.

Customized Advisory Services

We provide specialized consulting services whenever clients need them, whether they need to consolidate their firms or restructure their balance sheets, hunt for efficient corporate structures, or manage their taxes effectively.