The success and longevity of your company are directly connected to your operations. More than ever, the competitive edge goes to the organizations that can leverage operations to rapidly develop and deploy new capabilities at scale.

The Operations Practice at Escaler Global lies at the crossroads of strategy, technology, and change to bring about broad and sustainable economic development that benefits everybody. We bridge the gap between corporate strategy and operational execution, introducing technology and accelerating the delivery of long-term transformations made possible by capability development.







Management Consultancy

We approach our clients’ challenges by connecting strategy to desired outcome through in-depth assessment, analysis, benchmarking and independent advice at each step of the plan. In support of our client’s strategy development, we apply domain expertise and keen insights in identifying and managing risk as well as opportunities. We conduct technology reviews, identifying relevant and cost optimised acquisitions to support the company transformation. We provide financial advisories, planning and funding options to support the growth or capability development plans with a focus on achieving higher returns.

Operational Planning and Implementation

Our industry-leading experts and coaches work together to find solutions to operational challenges facing any strategic plan. By combining tried and true problem-solving methods with data and expert knowledge, we help create operating models that provides long-term competitiveness across the entire value chain and the agility to quickly adapt to an ever-evolving world. We focus on improving performance with facilitation and support for consulting sessions, providing advice on process optimisation, change management and development of human capital.

Program or Project Management

We help clients manage projects in alignment with their organizational goals, from quality control to handling budget, schedule, staff and final product delivery. Complex or multi-faceted projects as well troubled projects often require experienced project managers or consistent advice. Our consultants provide advice drawn from practical experiences in successful project delivery as well as fresh ideas drawn from deep understanding of the respective fields at each and every phase of the project lifecycle.

Product & Capability Development

In our approach to capability building, design and delivery informs each other iteratively throughout the transformation and technology development path. We believe in collaborative strategies between technology partners and product owners to create innovative and synergistic new products as well as services that are better than their individual offerings and which will make a difference in our lives. Hence, we maintain an extensive network of worldwide partners from start-ups to well established companies that continue to seek our advice in operational concepts, innovation and engineering design.

Human Capital Development

Developing an organisation’s human capital remains one of the key pillars of sustainable growth. Our team of highly experienced and certified consultants, help develop our client’s work force with relevant skills and managerial training to ensure continuity, competence and quality. We can help you to assess your workforce, identify training and development needs to include professional military and leadership courses, as well as create and implement programs to improve employee productivity.

Business Development & Procurement

Working with a trusted partner when entering a market, acquiring a business or keeping a subsidiary profitable, is invaluable. We provide a wide variety of services in business development. We help companies seeking to expand into new markets, by providing local regional presence, market knowledge and a ready network of trusted channel partners in multiple countries. We help build business intelligence, strategy and implementation plans to include incorporation of legal entities, transaction due diligence and post-entry service support. On the buyer side, we help provide due diligence, product assessment and recommendation as well as funding advisory where necessary.